Is your business exposed
to unnecessary

risks and liabilities

If, so we've got you covered. Evolutionary Ventures Law Group serves as a legal resource for business owners looking to  identify and reduce risks in their everyday business transactions and offers solutions which are designed to protect businesses from unneccesary liabilities.


let's eliminate your 

 headaches and stress.

And Falk!

Seriously, Are You....

Struggling with reducing risks and liabilities in your daily business transactions?

Having trouble with obtaining legal services that are affordable and convenient?

Needing access to legal resources that help you to become familiar with mechanisms designed to protect your business?

Desiring access to a qualified business attorney with over 5 years of experience?

Wanting to access legal documentation whenever and wherever?

If So, No Sweat. We've Got  You Covered!

We can help your business operate in a capacity that will reduce risks and not break the bank!

pick your speed!!







Here at EVLG, we hear your concerns and understand your needs. We have taken the time to construct 3 service options, that no matter the stage of your business, can effectively assist you with alleviating your legal concerns within a reasonable budget. 

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Working with Aisha has been such an amazing experience. She’s helped me form my legal entity and made sure that all of my legal documentation was in order. She has also assisted with my trademark needs and does the copyrighting for all of my digital products. If ever I have a question or don’t understand something, she explains it in a way that I can understand. I feel confident knowing that I have her on my team! One of the best investments I’ve made in my business to date. 10/10 would recommend!

Our Client  Stories......

- Courtney Thomas,
  CEO of Cup of Consuella, LLC


Meet The Founder


Hello, my name is Aisha McKinney and I am the founder and managing attorney of Evolutionary Ventures Law Group (“EVLG”). EVLG is the premier law firm seeking to improve the dynamics between lawyers and entrepreneurs. 

EVLG was birthed in 2018 in reaction to my frustration of observing businesses, in dire need of legal assistance, avoid necessary professional legal services because they felt that law firms were generally unaffordable, outdated, and unresponsive. 

After several years of serving as the only counsel for several multi-million dollar companies, I recognized that some business owners would opt for free resources to avoid the headaches associated with law firms but would find themselves in more risky and costly situations because they bargained on unreliable resources. And then it dawned on me, if some business owners prefer to learn, understand, and handle some legal matters for themselves, why not help them to do that?

Subsequently, EVLG was formed to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who desire a more systematic and affordable approach to obtaining legal assistance. EVLG now offers legal service solutions, like its DIY Documents and Subscription Services, for entrepreneurs who desire to take a more reliable DIY approach to handle some of its legal matters on its own. For our more traditional business owners and corporate leaders, EVLG also offers Traditional Legal Services, with flat-fee up-front pricing with no surprise costs, through a seamless and efficient customer platform.


Our vision is to serve as the premier choice for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders looking to take the business to the next level and protect their goodwill without the need to break the bank. 

At  ELVG we pride ourselves on taking the time to listen to and understand the concerns of our clients all while offering effective legal service solutions which directly respond to their needs. We are the choice firm for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who are looking to accomplish their business goals economically, efficiently, and effectively.

Aisha Mckinney, Esq.

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