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As a corporate business law firm, we can attest to the numerous advantages of using contract templates in your business. Our DIY Documents are pre-drafted, standardized agreements that can be easily customized, using our foolproof software, to suit specific transactions or relationships within your business. Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider using our  DIY Documents:


Here's Your Competitive Advntage

Risk Management: Our DIY Documents help identify and address potential risks associated with a particular transaction. They prompt you to consider various scenarios and how to handle them, ultimately reducing the likelihood of disputes and litigation.

Time and Efficiency: Drafting a contract from scratch can be time-consuming and requires careful legal scrutiny. Our DIY Documents save you time and effort since they provide a starting point with standard terms and conditions. You can simply fill in the relevant details in the questionnaire generated from our software which will make the contract creation process significantly faster.

Reduced Legal Costs: Customizing our contract templates using our DIY Document software is generally more cost-effective than having an attorney draft a contract from scratch. While it's essential to involve legal counsel for complex or unique agreements, our DIY Documents can handle routine transactions, saving you on legal fees.

Clarity and Precision: Our DIY Documents, developed from our well-crafted contract templates, use clear and precise language, reducing the potential for misunderstandings or disputes. This clarity is beneficial when parties need to refer back to the contract terms during the course of their business relationship.

Risk Mitigation: Our DIY Documents include important clauses that protect your interests, such as indemnification, limitation of liability, and dispute resolution provisions. Using our DIY Document ensures that these protective measures are included in your contracts.

Professionalism: Presenting a well-drafted contract to potential partners, clients, or employees demonstrates professionalism and builds trust. It conveys the message that you take your business relationships seriously and are committed to clear and fair dealings.

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Featured documents

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

This agreement is typically used any time two parties exchange confidential information with each other. This includes situations where you exchange confidential information between your business and third parties such as investors, creditors, clients, or suppliers. Having a confidentiality agreement in writing and signed by all parties can lend parties to trust each other during negotiations and deter theft of intellectual property.

Website Terms & Conditions 

This agreement sets forth website operators' rules concerning how their websites and content on its website may or may not be used. It also includes provisions on how the operator’s liability may be limited for any actions which arise out of the use of the website. 

Independent Contractor Agreement

This document is used by companies that are hiring people in a role as an Independent Contractor rather than an employee. It establishes the Service the party will provide to the Company, that the Independent Contractor will be responsible for its taxes and benefits, that the Company will retain ownership of any work product, each party's obligations regarding Confidentiality and so much more.

Service Agreement

This agreement is typically between a customer/client and the person or business providing the service. It defines the relationship between the parties, the responsibilities of each party, the compensation or payment for the services, and the type of services that will be provided.

Website Privacy Policy 

This document (typically found on a website) explains how your organization will collect, store, protect, and utilize personal information provided by its users. Having a privacy policy will help your organization to ensure that it is compliant with certain data privacy laws and any third-party service provider obligations. 

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Important legal notice about the DIY Documents:


* Our DIY Documents were created using standardized templates. They were not pre-drafted with your personal business in mind but instead are general business templates that can be applied across multiple uses/industries.



* While the documents have been created by an attorney, EVLG’s attorneys are not YOUR PERSONAL attorneys. What does that mean?  It means that if you have legal matters/concerns that reach beyond what can be accommodated by this general contract template, you will need to hire an attorney for legal advice that is specific to your issue. 



*DIY documents are not to be used as personalized legal advice from Evolutionary Ventures Law Group, LLC, (nor Aisha McKinney, Esq.). The documents should be used for educational purposes to ensure you are educated about the process of protecting your business using agreements.

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Our Client Stories

Evolutionary Ventures Law Group has been imperative to the growth of Twenty Six Entertainment. Aisha is extremely detailed oriented, reliable, and professional. Our entire staff enjoys working with her on all things legal and we look to her before making any critical decisions. We would not be where we are without Aisha and her team.

   Founder & CEO, Twenty Six Entertainment, LLC


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