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Revolving Access 

to legal resources

A law firm subscription can be an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs seeking access to a range of legal services that can help protect and advance their business at an affordable rate.

Unlock Unlimited Legal Possibilities with Our Law Firm Subscription Services

At Evolutionary Ventures Law Group (EVLG), our offering of legal support for your business is not just a service; it's a partnership in your entrepreneurial journey. If you're on the lookout for affordable and customer-friendly legal solutions, look no further! Our law firm subscription offerings are designed to meet your needs. 

The Foundation:

Embark on your successful business journey with our Contracts Counsel subscription service – the cornerstone of our cost-effective legal support. For an annual flat fee, enjoy unlimited access to our user-friendly contract generation software. Empower yourself to create, customize, and download legally sound contracts tailored to your business needs.

Seamless Expansion of Services:

Your legal journey doesn't have to stop there! In need of assistance for more than just contract templates? Explore the possibilities of our Florida Start Up Counsel, Georgia Start Up Counsel, or General Counsel subscription services. Each annual or monthly subscription offers additional tailored services such as business formation, trademark registration, or ongoing general counsel support.

Added Benefits for You:

Each subscriber enjoys exclusive discounts on EVLG's Traditional Legal Services (exceptions apply) and most subscription packages include at least 6 general advice consultations annually with our knowledgeable EVLG attorneys at no extra cost.

Our law firm subscription services are designed to be a strategic investment, offering startup entrepreneurs an efficient way to navigate the complexities of the ever-changing legal landscape. You can look forward to procuring legal allies who will assist in reducing risk as your business grows, transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and trusted advisors to help you navigate the legal landscape with confidence. 


Subscribe to EVLG's Law Firm Subscription Services today and let's embark on your entrepreneurial journey together!

Our Law Firm Subscriptions

Startup Businesses Face a Unique Set of Legal Challenges and Uncertainties As They Launch and Grow. 

Here's Why Our Subscription Services Can Be Useful

  • Cost Predictability: Startups often have limited budgets, and legal costs can quickly escalate if not managed carefully. Our subscriptions offer access to legal resources for a fixed annual fee, making it easier to budget for legal expenses. This cost predictability is invaluable for startups trying to manage their cash flow.

  • Access to Expertise: Legal issues can be complex and multifaceted. Depending your subscription package, you will gain access to an experienced legal team which can be crucial for navigating the legal intricacies specific to your industry and situation.

  • Customized Legal Support: Our subscriptions are flexible offerings which can be tailored to your startup's specific needs. Whether you need help with contract drafting, trademark protection, governance formation, or general advising, the subscription can be adjusted accordingly. 

  • Contract Drafting Ease: Contracts are the lifeblood of many businesses, and startups are no exception. Our subscription includes unlimited access to our contract generation software, along with attorney secondary review, to ensure that your agreements are legally sound and protect your interests.

  • Proactive Legal Guidance: Most of our subscription services give you access to proactive legal advice. Our resources can help you identify potential risks, compliance issues, and legal hurdles before they become major problems. Early intervention can save your startup time, money, and headaches.

Key Features:

Get Access To

Contract Generation Software: Empower your business with unlimited access to our cutting-edge contract generation software. Craft, customize, and download a wide array of contracts with ease and precision.

Business Formation Services: Take the first step toward entrepreneurship with confidence. Our attorneys guide you through the intricacies of business formation, helping you choose the right structure for your venture.


Trademark Registration Services: Safeguard your brand identity. Our Start Up Counsel subscription includes trademark registration services, ensuring your unique mark is protected and legally recognized. 

General Advice Consultations: No need to scramble to find external help for your every day legal questions. With most of our subscription packages you gain access to 6 no cost general advice consultations with an EVLG attorney. 


General Counsel Services: Elevate your business with dedicated legal support. Our general counsel services provide ongoing advice and strategic guidance, making us your trusted legal partner in every decision.

Starting Cost:  $1800 per year


Important legal notice about the DIY Documents in Our Subscription Service:


* The agreements located within the Subscription Service were created using standardized templates. They were not pre-drafted with your personal business in mind, but instead are general small business templates that can be applied across multiple uses/industries.



* While the documents have been created by an attorney, EVLG’s attorneys are not YOUR PERSONAL attorneys. What does that mean?  It means that if you have legal matters/concerns that reach beyond what can be accommodated by these general contract templates, you will need to hire an attorney for legal advice that is specific to your issue or specifically engage Evolutionary Ventures Law Group (by having a consult, signing an engagement agreement, and paying a deposit) for your issue if located in Florida or Georgia. 



*The agreements/documents within the subscription service are not to be used as personalized legal advice from Evolutionary Ventures Law Group, LLC, (nor Aisha McKinney, Esq.). The documents should be used for educational purposes to ensure you are educated about the process of protecting your business. 

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