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Revolving Access 

to legal resources

Under EVLG's Subscription Service, you can generate as many of your own contracts as you desire during our 12-month Subscription terms.

 Get Access to Resources Designed to Protect Your Business From Unnecessary Risks!

Our Subscription Service is ideal for most business owners because it is the most cost effective and time saving approach to obtaining necessary contracts for their business. Under the EVLG Subscription Service, a Business Owner can generate as many of their own contracts as they desire during a 12 month Subscription Term by choosing the appropriate template and inserting relevant information into our questionnaires. Each template is generated, sent to EVLG’s attorney team for a quick review (to confirm there are no inaccuracies) and then sent back to the customer within 24 hours. This service is offered for an annual flat fee of less than what it would cost most attorneys to draft two contracts in one year. Subscription customers also have access to guides on other legal topics which affect their everyday business transactions and discounts to EVLG’s traditional legal services. This is the preferred service offering for DIY business owners who desire to keep costs low, have the necessary protections, and save time!

With EVLG’s Subscription Service, you can expect to be able to create contracts on demand using our attorney vetted templates within a matter of 24 hours and get 6 free consultations for any questions you may have about legal matters for your business (which can be scheduled at your convenience). Now instead of waiting days or weeks to speak with a lawyer, you can schedule a call (most times) for the very next day!

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Our Client Stories

My experiences with EVLG is always truly phenomenal! Aisha is extremely knowledgeable and always maintains a professional demeanor when working with us. I’d like to point out that the process to get matters to her is very convenient and she gets many of our matters handled quickly and efficiently! Without any hesitation, I will most definitely recommend EVLG services for anyone who is in need of legal guidance.

CEO of Grant & Associates Real Estate, Inc / High Rollers Luxury Concierge Services, LLC

Important legal notice about the DIY Documents in Our Subscription Service:


* The agreements located within the Subscription Service were created using standardized templates. They were not pre-drafted with your personal business in mind, but instead are general small business templates that can be applied across multiple uses/industries.



* While the documents have been created by an attorney, EVLG’s attorneys are not YOUR PERSONAL attorneys. What does that mean?  It means that if you have legal matters/concerns that reach beyond what can be accommodated by these general contract templates, you will need to hire an attorney for legal advice that is specific to your issue or specifically engage Evolutionary Ventures Law Group (by having a consult, signing an engagement agreement, and paying a deposit) for your issue if located in Florida or Georgia. 



*The agreements/documents within the subscription service are not to be used as personalized legal advice from Evolutionary Ventures Law Group, LLC, (nor Aisha McKinney, Esq.). The documents should be used for educational purposes to ensure you are educated about the process of protecting your business. 

Are You Starting or Managing a Growing Business?

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  •      Get contracts drafted in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Have the ability to schedule consultations with a qualified attorney 6 times per year at no additional cost.

  • Have access to discounts for EVLG's business legal services such as entity formation, contract reviews, trademark filings, and copyright filings. 

  • Have access to additional legal resources that help you become familiar with mechanisms designed to protect your business from unnecessary risks or liabilities.

  • Have access to an easy to use platform.

  • Have access to draft contracts using 10+ different templates for what it would cost similar law firms to draft 2-3 contracts in one year.     

Whats inside?

Access to

Actual Cost:  $1800 per year

12 Month Subscription

Guides on other legal topics which affect everyday business transactions


Contracts Using 10+ Templates - Valued at $6000+


6 Consults - Valued at $450

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